There are 2 entrances to the courtyard – the main entrance, accessible by car, is from Suur-Kloostri Street; there is also a parking area for 12 cars and 3 separate garages, the other entrance is from Lai Street.



There are winding paths throughout the whole garden combined with stone circles in certain patterns. The main part of the winding path and parking area is covered with light "Nunnakivi" pavement bricks. The design solution of the courtyard divides the yard into different parts, which are interconnected and related but with different functions: 

  • Operating area: the garages, cellar and car parking area are located on the Suur-Kloostri Street side.
  • Wine cellar/barbecue area: Former cellar made of quarrystones on the Suur-Kloostri Street side, onto which a terrace with sitting arrangement has been set
  • Leisure area: forms a separate part of the yard on the Lai Street side and is close to the apartment entrances.


All of the existing greenery has been preserved in the courtyard – the tree of life on the terrace of quarrystone wine cellar, meandering grape vines near the garages and a high chestnut tree in the leisure area. Additional blooming perennials or so-called "old garden flowers" and various types of conifers will be added according to the landscaping project. A combination of perennials and conifers creates the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of blossoms in summer and greenery in winter. 


The more private part of the courtyard is lit with mood lighting, whose purpose is to create the perfect mood and highlight accent plants; object lights have been mounted on the garden beds behind the plants in such a way that after dark the light falls on the conifers. A recessed spotlight, which strikingly emphasises the beauty of the dominant tree during its leafing, has been mounted under the chestnut tree, inside the cobbled pavement.

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