When entering the grand courtyard through the imposing wrought iron gates of the house that faces Lai Street, a secret yard is revealed, an old chestnut tree emphasising its essence and the wings of the former aristocratic palace – today's apartment buildings – towering on either side of the yard.



Pausing under the chestnut tree in the middle of the wonderful yard, where you cannot hear the street noise and other clamor, you feel isolated from the outside world because the usual hustle and bustle and everyday business still goes on behind the gate and ancient walls – cars rattling on cobblestones, people bustling on sidewalks, soft music playing somewhere farther away.....But all that stays behind the gates and walls of Engelhardt House, you can only hear birdsong in the astonishing garden and see church domes towering over the ancient walls against a blue sky... here you can really forget that you are in the heart of the metropolis in the middle of the Old Town full of tourists and street musicians!

Various theatres (Tallinn City Theatre, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia Theatre), shops, schools - the Gustav Adolf Grammar School, Old Town Educational College, Tallinn Secondary School of Science etc., museums, restaurants, bars and street cafes in the vicinity.


You cannot find a better location – a quiet oasis in the heart of the metropolis!


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You cannot find a better location – a quiet oasis in the heart of the metropolis!

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