The elegant apartments are built in the former aristocratic residence's parlours, halls and wings; historic atmosphere has been preserved and historically important construction details are on display. 


All of the apartments are designed and finished in accordance with the interior design project of each apartment. Finishing materials and design elements have been selected in accordance with the construction details that have been preserved or restored in the apartment and historical drafts while taking into consideration the size and room placement of each apartment.

As a result, each apartment is really original and differs from the other apartments in the same building – each apartment has a different way of layout and material of the parquet, shape and height of the skirting, design of cornices, boarding of interior doors, style of door handles and cremone bolts, spectrum of primary and accent colours on walls, sanitary ware and selection of ceramic tiles. All the materials selected for finish and decoration are in an exclusive price range and suitable for the atmosphere of the Old Town.


Engelhardt House is a residential complex with a grand courtyard and its own parking area in the heart of the Old Town between Suur-Kloostri and Lai Street. The size of the property is 1903 m². The courtyard has been turned into a romantic patio, whose size is approx. 900 m². The apartments are located in three buildings around the courtyard:

Palace House – the parlours and halls of the former aristocratic palace of the Stackelbergs have been reconstructed and redecorated into elite-class apartments with valuable interior decoration. A number of historically valuable architectural details and decor elements have been restored and exhibited – fragments of wall stairs, cassette ceilings, carved frames and the like.

Amalie House – the wing that is situated in the west side of the courtyard and has also been used as a dwelling for centuries was modified in 1892. It is a three-story limestone residential building with neat grout joints, which contains modern apartments with interesting solutions.

Monastery House – the yellow plastered stone building with thick walls is located at Suur-Kloostri Street and comprises a number of construction details across different centuries – fancy stairs, monumental stones and ceiling joists.

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