The reconstruction of a historic building into an apartment building is carried out in accordance with the reconstruction project by the Architectural Office Korrus Private Limited Company and Department of Culture's specific conditions. The project and the construction work comply with the health and environmental protection requirements and do not present a hazard to human life, health, property or the environment. 

Constructional design and its conduct is carried out in accordance with: 

  • The National Heritage Board's specific conditions
  • The regulations and instructions of Tallinn City Government 
  • Arrangement rules for the materials and equipment and their instructions
  • The laws, regulations, decisions, norms and standards in force in the Republic of Estonia 
  • The regulations and guidelines of the local authorities 
  • Technical conditions of the network and resource holders 


Central heating in Palace House, gas heating in Monastery House and Amalie House – mostly floor heating on water carrier; radiators have been mounted where floor heating was technically not possible.


Apartment-based with a mechanical extraction, which has been channeled to chimneys. The air comes through the existing chimney flues; where it was technically possible – through the circular pressure control valves on windows; Ventilation in sanitary rooms through the door slit (ventilating threshold).
The standards of the floor surface have been taken into account when determining the air exchange rate. 


Central. The water is obtained from the connection point, each apartment has its own water gauge. The sewerage is local, directed from the yard to the shared system on Laia Street.

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